Whether you're an instructor looking to get trained up and offer AcroBeats classes in various venues as an independent instructor, or if you are a studio or gym/leisure centre owner or manager, AcroBeats are keen to work with you and support you every step of the way.

AcroBeats is an exciting, fun and effective program to suit any venue, and can really make your studio timetable stand out!


Not every venue will already have suitable rigging available for AcroBeats classes already available. However we can point you in the right direction to find out all the information you need about getting suitable rigging set-up in your venue. The great news is that the return on investment is fantastic as you can use the rigging for many other class disciplines such as suspension training and aerial fitness in your studio space.


AcroBeats only uses fully safety rated and certified equipment which is custom manufactured for our program. We would never use anything which is cheaply made and manufactured. Full information on pricing and packages are coming soon.


We will hold training days at HYPE Fitness in SW London, but can also offer in-house training in your venue if you have a group of instructors you wish to train and suitable rigging.

If you wish to know any more, please do contact us

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