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AcroBeats is a class like no other and by offering this unique, premium experience on your timetable, you will stand out from the crowd, boost your revenues and attract a whole new customer base!

Learn the concept and start delivering AcroBeats bungee fitness classes now in your area!

As a licensed AcroBeats instructor, you will:

  • Receive new choreography every 2 months to keep your classes fresh

  • Have use of the brand name and logos for advertising

  • Have listing of your classes and locations on our website so you can be immediately found by your customers

  • Benefit from marketing materials such as videos, logos, posters and branding from AcroBeats

  • Discount on AcroBeats clothing

Want to know more? Check out our FAQs here

We are committed to excellence and are in the process of becoming accredited with CIMSPA and recognised by EMD UK. We hope to have this completed by August 2022!


Special Offer! £75 off all courses until 31st May 2022 (normally £325)

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