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Which venues are suitable for AcroBeats classes?

Many pole & aerial based studios already have a rigging set up which can be easily adapted to use AcroBeats Bungee equipment. If your space does not have a rigging set up, you will need to explore options with a rigging expert and potentially a structural engineer for load testing, but we can point you in the right direction! Our equipment supplier, Active Engineering Systems can also help provide support on the right rigging systems your teaching space may need.

Which qualifications are required to become an instructor?

You need to hold one of these recognised qualifications in order to be accepted onto an AcroBeats training courses:.

  • Level 2 Sport or Fitness related qualification

  • Dance Diploma/Degree or Dance Teaching qualification that includes an Anatomy & Physiology assessment

  • Another qualification that includes an Anatomy & Physiology assessment (must be submitted for approval before booking onto the course)

A copy of your certificate needs to be emailed to us before the course date.

Different qualification?

Anyone who holds a different sport/fitness/dance qualification will need prior approval.

Certificates must be sent to us for review/approval before the course is booked. 

How do I pass the course?

During the assessment on the training day, you will be assessed on your ability to:

  • Demonstrate safe and effective technique

  • Demonstrate the AcroBeats Teaching Model

  • Show full understanding of the equipment and rigging

When the assessment process is complete we award everyone a PASS or REFERRAL. Our aim is to help you pass and we’ll do everything we can to get you through. Please note that if you do not pass the course you will not be able to teach AcroBeats classes.

How do I purchase bungee equipment for AcroBeats?

Our official equipment supplier is Active Engineering Systems and you must use their equipment only to teach AcroBeats Bungee. This is part of your instructor and licensing agreement, and the reason for this is they are fully safety rated and tested. The safety and security of your participants must always be a priority and many equipment suppliers for abroad will not reach the same standards. Active Engineering Systems are always on hand for full support for your equipment, and you do receive a discount for ordering through AcroBeats. You will be given access to this discount upon successful completion of your training course.

Read more about the bungee equipment and your expected investment costs here


Is AcroBeats pre-choreographed?

As part of our licensing set-up, we release core routines created by our Pro Choreographers which can help to maintain consistency so that participants know what to expect at a class. However, we think creativity is important too and that's why we give our instructors the option to create your own choreography and class structure as long as they follow the rules outlined in the Class Components section of our instructor training. You are welcome to choose your own music as well.

What's the minimum age for class participants?

The minimum age for AcroBeats classes is age 16. We are releasing an AcroBeats Kids course in future as there will need to be adaptations to the teaching structure, bungee equipment and harnesses to suit children under the age of 16.

What does the licence fee cover?

The licence fee gives you the essentials to run successful AcroBeats classes - marketing materials, choreography, listing of your classes on our website to drive customers to your venue, equipment discounts and more...

Will I be tied into a contract?

If you pay the licence fee monthly you are not tied into a contract so can stop at any time, but you will no longer be able to run AcroBeats Bungee fitness classes.

Do you need a music licence to teach AcroBeats?

In most countries, unless your venue is already covered, you will generally need a music licence if you decide to use original tracks from well-known artists not cover/licence free versions. We highly recommend that you use Pure Energy Go for fantastic licence-free playlists to teach AcroBeats.


Any other questions?

Feel free to email us 

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