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Our official equipment supplier is Active Engineering Systems and you must use their equipment only to teach AcroBeats Bungee.


This is part of your instructor and licensing agreement, and the reason for this is they are fully safety rated and tested. The safety and security of your participants must always be a priority and many equipment suppliers for abroad will not reach the same standards.


Active Engineering Systems are always on hand for full support for your equipment, and you will receive a discount for ordering through AcroBeats. You will be given access to this discount upon successful completion of your training course.

Payment plans are available if you need to spread the cost of your course training or the purchase of your bungee equipment. Contact us for more information!

What kind of investment will you need to make to become an AcroBeats Instructor?


Training course costs: £325

10 x harnesses, bungee sets, carabiners, swivels and daisy chains: £6,588 inc VAT (before AcroBeats discount)

Total: £6,913

A typical price to charge your participants for AcroBeats is at least £15 per person as this is a specialist class. You can also charge for privates sessions and parties. If you have 9 participants per class, charging £15 each, and taught 5 classes per week, you would turnover £675 per week. This would mean you would see a return on your investment after just 10 weeks of teaching!

Heavy duty, durable, safe, flexible, luxury, superior comfort… AES Bungee Systems have been designed with you in mind. AES Bungee Systems can accommodate users of all ages, sizes and fitness levels with the full body support harness. The 4 in 1 bungee design concept also means you can offer a variety of high end resistance workout options with the durability, safety and comfort that users need.

AES Bungee Systems have been designed with comfort and safety as a priority, and this is the most durable, comfortable and safe harness available. With the durability to support excessive extreme workouts and lightweight enough for dance classes AES Bungee Systems are the highest performance product on the market.

How are AES Bungees better?

The AES design creates a much safer experience allowing users of all skill levels, including those with disabilities or needing rehabilitation, to maximise individual performance. The bungee sleeves are extremely durable and washable, handmade using a heavier fabric that won’t bunch up or fall down no matter how extreme your workout is.

Any other questions?

Feel free to email us 

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