Feel weightless as you fly through the air in this high intensity HIIT class, where you can push yourself to your limits. Prepare to sweat in the fast paced cardio class, designed to allow you greater range of movement in key fitness moves, plus the added resistance of the bungees allows for stamina and strength training.


Perfect for most levels of fitness and ability. You do not need to have done any aerial based classes before. Our bungee harnesses and cords are fully certified and custom manufactured in the USA. The bungees can take any weight up to 16 stone as we have various bungee strengths to choose from.

Hannah Al-Khaldi



After many years in the fitness industry, plus experience as a pole and aerial instructor, I created AcroBeats as a different form of cardio and resistance training. I've played rugby for 12 years, currently playing at international level, and bungees have been part of my core training to work on explosive stamina and cardio fitness.


AcroBeats is designed to be a fun cardio workout, pushing your body to levels it's not been to before. it's perfect for anyone looking to improve their stamina and endurance, their cardio fitness levels, and to improve their core strength.

As the owner of HYPE Fitness Studios in London, the potential of this class for any gym or studio is huge and it offers something unique and different, whilst opening the doors to more aerial based workouts for people who have never tried them before.




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